The founding of the Rashtrotthana Parishat (1965) has a context.

Centuries of freedom struggle had reached a successful completion. A golden opportunity was thus before us to build a resplendent nation. It was not only a golden opportunity but a serious challenge too. Several questions needed answering, such as what should be our nation’s guiding philosophy. However, tragically, this fundamental question was hardly addressed. There was a hurry to mould the nation on the lines of England or America. Efforts were underway to make our nation a cheap imitation of other countries; be it in the field of politics, economy, social structure or education. It seemed as if our native intelligence, talent, heritage, philosophy, and ideals had all ceased to be relevant.

In this background, it is not surprising that crores of Indians are not experiencing the bliss of independent national life. Unless we have before us national ideals that touch and awaken the inner being of common people, how can they be inspired to imbibe the spirit of dedication, renunciation and courage needed for the rejuvenation of the nation? Upholding of Indian ideals that imbue national pride in the hearts of the people is the topmost priority today.

The greatness of Indian culture, heritage, history and philosophy, is unparalleled in the world. These have made our national life glorious for millennia. Not only was India the guiding light to the entire world in all fields in the past; even now that strength is waiting to be tapped. India has effective answers to many complex challenges the world is facing.

These are a few thoughts of the great nationalists which inspired the formation of Rashtrotthana Parishat. We had a specific aim, a burning desire to do something that would be part of history.
The Launch
Rashtrotthana Parishat came into existence on 27.02.1965 to implant in the hearts and minds of people the noble values nourished and practised in our rich heritage. The Parishat was registered with the Registrar of Mysore State Government’s Co-Operative Societies.

Whenever a seed is sown the intention would be that the little seed eventually grows into a big tree and offer fruits and shelter for a long time. Similar was the idea behind starting the Parishat: that it must grow into a widespread organization and serve the people in various fields of nation – building like education, social service and cultural regeneration. Thus, Rashtrotthana Parishat was established with the motto of bringing awareness in the society chiefly through the medium of social service and mass education.