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Adolescent Girls Awareness Camp

Today’s girl child will be the mother of tomorrow. Educating adolescent girls involves giving them specific inputs to enhance their self-esteem and self confidence and to familiarize them with the stages of growth and the natural and inevitable transformation process that will occur in them.

Orientation on health, hygiene, menstruation and related knowledge on the oncoming physiological changes helps girls to be aware, have the mental preparedness and psychological strength to manage the changes. This acquired confidence and awareness helps them to pass on the wisdom and to manage the next generation.

The physiological changes that occurs during adolescence stage have ramifications in the psychological and social aspects of an adult’s life. Most adolescents deal with these changes without full knowledge and understanding, which could make them vulnerable to risky situations like sexually transmitted diseases, sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS and drug and substance abuse.

Menstrual hygiene, management, perceptions and practices often not optimal for proper hygiene are full of wrong understanding and prejudices. There is a need to demystify the fear psychosis and myths associated with them.

Many of the traditional practices have been centered around the ease of life of women during menstruating days and lack of availability of sanitary products. But in the current situation, with the easy availability of such products, there is a need to educate the girls.

Due to release of some hormones during the adolescent period physical, psychological and social changes will be noticed. Hence it is essential to guide the adolescent girls on life skills. In this regard, the awareness camps for the adolescent girls is really useful in molding the girls and develop their communication skills, leadership qualities and emotional balance.

Main Objectives:

  • To help the adolescent girls to understand the physical and psychological changes they are undergoing and the scientific reasons behind the changes.
  • To create awareness on various issues like child rights, trafficking of children, child abuse etc.

Main themes covered during the Adolescent Camps are

  1. Life Skills and Personal development
  2. Health, Hygiene and Nutrients
  3. Parts of the Human Body, Changes due to adolescent stage
  4. Menstrual Hygiene, Reproductive process in Human.
  5. Awareness on AIDS
  6. Sexual abuse and child trafficking
  7. Social awareness
  8. Yoga and Pranayama
  9. Self defence

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