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Journey of Publications

Initial years –  Narrated by Late Sri M C Jayadeva, former General Secretary

Rashtrotthna Parishat started its life in a rented building on South End Road. When the idea of starting an organization cropped up, it intended to bring social reforms through literature.

To begin, Utthana (ಉತ್ಥಾನ) a Kannada monthly magazine was started. The first edition circulated on 5th October, 1965 on the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami. Over 5000 copies were printed by Dr. Suryanatha Kamath, the first editor.

Our first book, Ranaveelya (ರಣವೀಳ್ಯ) contained stories of soldiers who became martyrs during the attacks by Pakistan and China. Published on 5th December 1965, 3000 copies were printed, priced at Rs.1.50 each.

Our Second book Yavana Vijetha Chandragupta, (ಯವನ ವಿಜೇತ ಚಂದ್ರಗುಪ್ತ) and the third, Kannadada Kadugaligalu, (ಕನ್ನಡದ ಕಡುಗಲಿಗಳು) were popular publications.

Atmaahuti (ಅತ್ಮಾಹುತಿ), an autobiographical style narrative on the life of Veer Savarkar, Ajeya (ಅಜೇಯ), about Chandrashekar Azad and Adamya (ಅದಮ್ಯ), about Vasudev Balwant Padke are books that were popular then, and classics now.

Another important release is Rudirabhisheka (ರುಧಿರಾಭಿಶೇಕ) which details the lives of Bhagha Jatin Singh and his team of revolutionaries.

An interesting story about the release of the book  Atmaahuti (ಅತ್ಮಾಹುತಿ) is that we planned to invite a revolutionary to introduce the book to the world. After discussing a few names finally we invited Vidyavathi Devi, mother of martyr Bhagat Singh. His brother Kulabir Singh accompanied the aged mother. Despite being unable to afford air travel for her, she came by train all the way from distant Punjab. However, the event was a success at Sir Puttannachetty Town Hall with over 600 copies were sold on a single day, creating a new record at that time.

Thus our journey went on, as we grew accustomed to facing newer challenges, we attempted to find creative solutions for our obstacles. This was the mental strength and willpower of workers in those days.

Later, we planned the publication of 510 Bharata-Bharati books. Initially named Kishora Sahitya Sampathu (ಕಿಶೋರ ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯ ಸಂಪತ್ತು) our idea was ambitious, and if fulfilled, monumental, however, at that time, we lacked ideas and an editor.

A solution came to us in the form of Professor L.S. Sheshagiri Rao, a renowned litterateur and exemplary critic, who had admirably and successfully accomplished the challenging task of translating “Bunch of thoughts” by  Sri Guruji ( M S Gowalkar) to Kannada. He agreed to become the chief editor of 510 booklets of Bharata-Bharati book series. The price of the book was then 75 Paise.

During this time, we had shifted our office from South-end to Kempegowda Nagara, where we continue to grow to this day.

We had the spirit and motivation to face all kinds of challenges. As a result, Rashtrotthana Parishat developed.  And today, our work has spread throughout KARNATAKA.