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After School Learning Centers

Jagarana was started in November, 1989 to give non-formal education (NFE) to the socially neglected out-of-school children of the society living in slums and deprived of formal education. It functioned as NFE center till 2005.

From 2005 onwards, the children were brought to mainstream by enrolling them into schools and the NFE centers were converted into after-school self-study and learning centers for the retention of the children in schools and to avoid school drop-outs.

The Project aims at up-liftment of students as well as Teachers in all aspects of social, educational and economical levels in these slums. Along with informal education, Jagarana project also provides healthcare, facilitates self-reliance, self-sustenance and livelihood to the youth in the slums.

Non-Formal Education: Learning Centers – Developing Culture of Education in Slums

  • Students are first generation learners
  • Aim is retention of students in school and completion of 10th, PUC and Graduation and to avoid school drop outs
  • In 2007, under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, out of 4177 out-of-school children, 3168 were brought back to schools
  • Appreciation by the school teachers
  • Many students score A+
  • 1000 completed graduation
  • Former students trained as instructors

Learning Centre:

“Learning Centre” is a place wherein children are encouraged to learn. Children are given guidance in all the subjects by trained teachers. In contrast to tuition center where class room teaching is repeated and fresh notes given, in a study center, individual learning through drilling is encouraged.

In class rooms only teaching is guaranteed whereas in study center comprehensive learning is guaranteed. Children are encouraged to ask any number of questions to get their doubts cleared and fundamentals strengthened.

Children are required to complete their home work in the center itself, so that they do not have to carry the burden to home.

The psychological barrier between the child and teacher is removed as the teacher acts as a facilitator and guide. The teacher will be friendly and ever ready to help the children in their studies. More attention is given to individual teaching rather than teaching to a group/class.

Target group:

Children who are living in slums of Bangalore.

The need:

The children stated above belong to the deprived class and hail from poor families. These children are at a disadvantage vis-a-vis other children for the following reasons:

  1. There is none in the family to guide and motivate the child to engage in studies.
  2. They are required to do odd jobs at home or outside after the school hours, which serves as a distraction in their studies.
  3. Educational culture is absent in their living environment.
  4. Lack of facilities for studies.


  1. To wean away the children from work after school hours and put them in a learning atmosphere.
  2. To create learning guarantee atmosphere.
  3. To provide a guide cum teacher and to ensure learning.
  4. To create an atmosphere of competition among the children.


To ensure 100% passing of students and also to improve their percentage of marks obtained.


The children spend two and quarter hours after school convenient to learners. However study time will be increased according to the need of the group, as the examination approaches.


Trained teachers who are competent to teach High School students are recruited for a center of 8th, 9th and 10th Std. The teachers should be motivated and have empathy for the deprived children. They should be ready to help them willingly.


The coverage is limited to students from 3rd to 10th (Kannada Medium)

Logic behind selection of schools

  1. Where the passing percentage of students is low.
  2. Poorest of the poor students attend these schools.
  3. Majority of students in these schools are from slums.



All children are expected to study at the center by enrolling themselves. However it is not compulsory. Children are required to fill in the application form for enrolling in the study center.


Regularity in attendance is compulsory. Children should obtain prior permission for absenting from center.

Attendance register will be maintained in the center. Regularity and punctuality will be monitored by the co-ordinator which will be given high importance.

Date Base & Progress Monitoring:

A baseline data is created for all students with percentage of marks obtained by them in the immediate preceding examinations in each subject. The subject-wise marks obtained by each student in subsequent monthly/quarterly examination are obtained and progress is monitored closely.

Those students who are weak in certain subject are given special attention in those subjects.

Students are classified in different groups as under

  1. Those who need special attention for 1 subject
  2. Those who need special attention for 2 subjects
  3. Those who need special attention for 3 or more subjects

Other Motivations / Incentives

  1. Celebrate Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day, birthdays and other festivals.
  2. Health check-up camps for children
  3. Meetings with “Achievers”.
  4. Children start dreaming “BIG” and Dare To Dream
  5. Visit houses of children by facilitators/co-coordinators
  6. Visit to various places which will enhance the vision like IISC, Vishveshwaraiah Museum
  7. Incentives to children who are in SSLC
    1. For passing the SSLC examination
    2. For obtaining and above marks in SSLC

Value Education

Knowledge without value education is meaningless. The deterioration of moral values in society is mainly an account of lack of value education.

In view of the above we would like to impart the value oriented education by teaching the following:

  • Patriotic Songs
  • Sarvajna Vachanas
  • Kabir Dohas
  • Value based stories etc.
  • Biography of great personalities
  • Personality Development Programs
  • Talent Days and hobby classes

Environment Awareness

  • Personal Cleanliness
  • Environmental Cleanliness
  • Maintaining Ecological balance
  • Non-use of plastics and other materials which will damage ecology.

As of now:

We are working in more than 200 slums of Bangalore by running 225 Self-Study centers. (Learning Centers) Around 4000 students are learning in these centers.

Primary          3rd to 5th Standard – 2200 students

Middle           5th to 7th Standard – 1000 students

High School    8th to 10th Standard – 800 students


These students need note books, bags & other learning materials please help them.

Cost of one school kit per student – Rs.1000/-

How can you help?
  • Sponsor School Fees
  • Sponsor students for higher studies
  • Provide Books, Uniforms, Shoes
  • Sponsor day care helper and day care personnel salary
  • Sponsor play materials
  • Sponsor educational toys
  • Assistance in getting funding


  • Teaching Subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Computers from 1st to 10th Std.
  • Mentoring 10th Std students
  • Activity based Science / Fun with Maths / Spoken English
  • Story telling
  • Music and Dance
  • Art and Craft
  • Sports and games


Primary School Tuition centres
 High School Tuition Centres
Govt Schools Activity Centres
Day Care Centres
Value Education Centres
Library In a Bag
Library for college Students
Summer Camps

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