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The ever increasing urbanization has led to numerous negative consequences to both rural and urban areas. It has become imperative to reverse this trend now. Climatic extremities, drying up of underground water, land becoming barren, and a rise in farming costs and per-capita income in urban areas have contributed to the worsening of the rural scene. Post-independence decades saw negligence of the farming sector, which was later countered by a period of maximization of agricultural production. This resulted in a serious imbalance in the agricultural environment.

Thus, forest areas shrunk. The use of chemical fertilizers has reduced dependency on organic farming. Mechanization of agriculture has increased. These have made the farmer move away from cattle care. We have drifted far from the period when it was a matter of pride to possess more cattle. Agriculture is thus facing multiple crises.

Rural development based on cattle has become the need of the hour. We have to restore the growth potential in land. Farming has to be freed from chemical onslaught. Self-sufficiency has to be promoted in rural areas. Planning self- employment based on cattle has to be initiated. Research and trials have to be organized in this background. Rashtrotthana Goshala is an important step in this path.