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Eye checkup

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The health challenges of people living in urban slum communities are quite different from those who live in rural areas. We not only try to build a rapport with the community but also get to identify and appreciate the health challenges in terms of both access to services as well as information. We hope that this will help us devise appropriate strategies with community involvement to tackle their issues.

Project Jaagarana organises eye check-up camps for the slum dwellers.

The objective of these camp is to create awareness about eye disorders, general cleanliness, hygiene, health and wellness and to educate community members about eye infections, fading eyesight, conjunctivitis etc. and detect refractive errors and eye ailments and provide access to eye care services.

Doctors, counselors and technicians conduct investigations and prescribe treatment to the participants. We have more than hundreds of participants attending each of the camps where most of them are advised for further medical care or use of spectacles and to be protected from different eye infections. Free medication is provided to those who require them and free glasses are prescribed to those that require them. 

Eye drops and spectacles are distributed free. Those who require eye surgeries, are counselled and counselors provide detailed information and health education to the participants to motivate them to get the surgery.  

Follow ups are conducted on a regular basis and the volunteers ensure that the prescribed treatments, surgeries, medicines and spectacles reach the right people.