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Forest Creation – Tree Plantation


A tree plantation drive called Vrindavana was launched in June 2017 to create a forest of indigenous tree species and as on date more than 2169 trees have be planted in 5 acres and the process will continue for 3 years with the total number of trees that will be planted is 10,000 in 25 acres

The tree plantation is for the creation of a forest and to improve the green cover and the vegetation of the dry and devoid-of-vegetation region. It is not for any commercial purposes. All the trees are natural and native trees and for environment only and are natural habitats of birds and animals. They include 50 large trees. They do not need much maintenance. The cost is for implementation only and maintenance is required only for the first year which also includes tree guards and fencing to protect the saplings from cattle. Once implemented, they will require minimum to zero maintenance except watering for a year and drip irrigation for 3 to 5 years.

It is an ongoing project and there is already one bore-well that has been set up and is being used for irrigation. The Goushala already has all the machinery required for the project including a JCB machine. It is a zero budget plan and the cost is for implementation only. The expenditure will slowly become zero from second year.

These said trees will cover a span of 25 acre and will improve the bio diversity of the region. Apart from obvious effects on the local temperatures and air quality, creating the forest will improve soil quality by prevention of soil erosion and increasing the water table.  Also, with the successful implementation of the Vrindavana Tree Plantation project we not only hope to improve the vegetation and green cover within the Goushala perimeter but also inspire similar greening projects in the entire dry and devoid-of-vegetation region. Success within the Goushala might also lead to a spurt of greening movement in the adjoining barren areas.


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