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73rd Republic Day celebration @ JGRV Kalyan Nagar

Bengaluru, Jan 26: Republic day is celebrated on 26th January every year, as a National festival. It’s the day we adopted our Constitution in the year 1950. The highlight of the day is the ‘Republic Day Parade’ which is held in the capital city of Delhi. The parade commences with flag hoisting and the President of India taking the salute.
JGRV Kalyan Nagar celebrated Republic day with patriotism and pride. The program started with Pushparchane to the Bharat Mata photo and flag hoisting by Sri Dwarknath ji and Smt. Asha Ashok Mataji in the school grounds. This was followed by national anthem and a group aerobic dance performance by our 10th std girls.
Other cultural programs were conducted in the auditorium. The guests initiated the program with Deepaprajwalna followed by Matru Vandana. Students also lighted lamps alongside the map of India.
Kum. Shivaranjini of class ten extended a warm welcome to Sri Dwaraknath ji, head of JGRV Parivar, Vice President of Rashtrottana Parishad and Sanghachalak of RSS Uttara Bengaluru, and Smt. Asha Ashok Mataji, Secretary of JGRV and CSR Manager of Rashtrotthana Parishat.
Kum. Medha gave a speech highlighting the events that took place on this historic day. She further elaborated on how it is celebrated in schools, public institutions and government offices.
Children of class 10 gave rhythmic dance performances to the songs ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Ae Mere Vathan Ke Logo’.
Sri Dwarknath ji, in his speech, firstly thanked all the teachers for braving the current situation and organizing the Republic day program. He went on to explain the difference between Independence Day and Republic day. He said that rights and duties go hand in hand and as citizens of our country we should enjoy our rights and do our duty towards our Nation. Children should respect our Constitution and get to know about it. Even after of 75 years of Independence we are still following the rules laid down by the British. This must change and the youth of today need to bring in that change. He encouraged children to keep their surroundings clean as their duty towards nation.
Smt. Asha Ashok Mataji about spoke the historical aspects of the day. When the largest written constitution was adopted by the independent India, the west watched earnestly how it will be upheld. But India has very successfully stuck to its constitution and not even once has it been overruled in 73 years. She explained in simple terms the meaning of republic to the children. Celebrating Republic day is one way of developing respect and pride towards our constitution.
Kum. Adithi presented the vote of thanks. Chi. Aditya Kumar emceed the program. The entire program was conducted by the students of class ten.
The program concluded with Vande Mataram and sweets were distributed to one and all present.