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Plantation Drive – Madhav Srushti

We are facing the reality of global warming and the causes for it are well known to us. Madhav Srushti, a project of Rashtrotthana Parishat has initiated an ambitious plan to plant 6000 trees in the dry and arid region of Ghati, Doddaballapur taluk, 60 kms from Bangalore.

The project aims at adding 6000 trees, to the existing 4000 trees, by the end of this monsoon season, i.e. end of August and September.

The land was flattened and fertile soil and manure has been added to make the barren land conducive for growing trees. Sapling procurement and digging of pits for sapling has been completed. Digging borewells, pipes for drip irrigation ro water and nurture the saplings for 3 years, construction of a check dam for rain harvesting have all been completed.

The 4000 trees already planted have increased biodiversity and brought in many birds and animals. This can be a model for future greening of the surrounding areas.

The regular and timely maintenance of the saplings planted requires inhouse labour and watering by drip irrigation requires regular electricity. The electricity supply to this area is sporadic and unreliable.

As this project is aimed to be an environmentally sustainable project, we need to use renewable energy from solar panels.

Hope that our request meets with your approval and we are able to come together to give our future generations the gift of a dense forest and green environment.