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Rashtrotthana Goushala:

Preservation, promotion and development of indigenous breeds of cows

Protection of Gou Maata imperative for protection of our Samskruthi

Cow has been given a sacred place in India since the ancient times. It has been given an important place in every stage of the development of human life. In our culture it is believed that a cow is the abode of the Gods.

In Vedic tradition, Cow is not only an animal that gives us milk but is worshiped and accorded the status of a mother and referred to as Gou Maata. But due to the commercialization of diary activity and products, cow is now looked upon as milk vending machine. The greatness of the cow is disappearing because of this mentality. Additionally, the Indian breeds of cows and bulls are being neglected.

This was the need that was addressed by Rashtrotthana Parishat in 2007 when the Rashtrotthana Goushala was established for the preservation, promotion and development of indigenous cow breeds in ‘Madhava Srushti’, Rashtrotthana Goushala, near Ghati Subramanya, Doddaballapur taluk, Bangalore district.

  • 110 acres of land
  • Special integration activities to bring together land, forest and cows
  • 10 breeds preserved totaling 605 animals
    • Gir from Gujarat
    • Sahival from Haryana
    • Kankrij from Rajasthan
    • CarParker from Rajasthan-Haryana
    • Devani from Maharashtra
    • Hallikar from the interiors of the south
    • Malenadu Gidda
    • Hongol
    • Javari
    • Amritamahal from Malanad
  • Compost, manures and Agnihotri prepared using cow dung
  • Balance between cattle rearing, dairy farming, organic farming and natural treatment
  • Best practices
    • Solar power
      • Lightning
      • Running borewells and motors
    • Biogas installations
    • Vermicompost prepared with earth worms, distributed to farmers
  • Distribution of free bullocks/bulls: 35 pairs of bullocks/bulls distributed to farmers in Mandya, Doddaballapura, Gauribidanuru, Pandavapura, Melukote, Hiriyuru, Madduru
  • Priority to breed development: indigenous bullocks distributed to Goushalas for development of breed
  • People have been visiting for the study and training on cow development from various parts of the state.

A Service Project of Rashtrotthana Parishat