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Sandeepana Vidya Bhavan, Srirampuram

State Board School



Sandeepana Vidya Bhavan Kannada Primary School was established in 1972 by Sri Kashinath Bhat and Sri Narayan Iyengar. It was germinated by Head Mistress Smt. B. V. Krishnaveni. The land for the school was generously donated by Smt. Sundramma and Sri Krishnappa. School blossomed and progressed for many decades under the able leadership of Sri Narahari ex MLC, late Kashinath Bhat, Sri Narayana Iyengar and ex HM Smt B. V. Krishnaveni, to name a few. Many well wishers and renowned personalities of Srirampuram and surrounding areas have been supporting in successfully running the school. 

Started with Pre Primary and Primary classes from 1972. Expanded to include High School from 1972. Since 2001 we have students pursing their careers with good education and skills to navigate their future.

Glory and Reputation

The school is locally known as ‘??????? ???????’ because of the high standard of knowledge and disciplene it imparts to the students. The school is continuing in it’s tradition and becoming the Model Kannada Medium School of the highest standards and impart education of international standards to it’s students.

The school has a very good history and has made a mark by imparting good education, values, discipline, ethics and behavior. It is the preferred school for many parents and children. 

Appreciation and Local Support

Most of the students are from Srirampuram and nearby areas. They all come from families which are very appreciative of the fact that in this school, the medium of instruction in the formative years of the child’s life of Pre Primary and Primary is KANNADA. They have very high regards for the values, principles, Indian culture and ethos inculcated in the children by the school and the stress free learning environment.

A School With A Difference

The school supports and gives special importance to children from single parent families and also from lower income families. In many cases, where it is a first generation learner, the parents have to be largely cajoled, counseled and explained about the need to educate their children and the advantages and better opportunities that it provides. It also helps that the fee structure of the school is low and affordable to the parents to send all their children to school. 

Highlights: More than 1000 students, in 20 years, have completed 10th Std in this school and proceeded for further education like medicine, engineering and other courses. Alumni are in prestigious positions in their careers and in society. One of the alumni, Dr. Savitha got State 1st Rank in 1982.

Uniqueness about the School

Primary (1st-10th Std) in Kannada Medium in the heart of
Bangalore city.

Mid-Day Meals

Educating students in empty stomach is not effective. Giving a Mid-Day Meal provides incentive to children to attend the school regularly. Regular nutritious food improves the health of the children, their cognitive abilities and ensures good attention span. 

It also reduces school drop outs and keeps more children away from the streets and prevents child labour. Regularity in attendance and sound education helps the children to realize that they have a chance to make it big in life.  

SSVB provides hot mid-day meals from Adamya Chetana, to all Primary children through the government aid as the Primary section is aided. Some of the pre-primary and high school children who need this facility are allowed to make use of it.


The children of SSVB are largely known for their discipline and good behavior despite their surroundings having an environment of bad language, harsh behavior, violence and abuse. The children who have passed out also have been known to have pursued stable jobs, businesses or professions and also have been known to have had stable and good family life. 

The dropout rate is almost negligible because of the highly nurturing and encouraging atmosphere that prevails in the school. The affordable fee structure allows the parents who have 3, 4 or 5 children to be able to send all their children to school and educate them.

The number of girls is higher than the number of boys. All the school leaders are girls and all the girls get distinction in their 10th board exams. Children participate in the various cultural and sports competitions held by the department and always win all the trophies.


Sri Sandeepana Vidya Bhavan,
N0. 16, 9th Main Road,  (Srirampuram Police Station Road),

Phone No080 23322688 / 6360176716
ClassesLKG to 10th Std
MediumPre Primary English
Primary Kannada
High School English

A Service Project of Rashtrotthana Parishat