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‘TAPAS and SAADHANA’ is a Kalpavriksha for the brilliant

The Rashtrotthana Parishat is one of the greatest organizations in the country, constantly striving to build a healthy and sustainable society, with the main objectives of people education, people awareness and Jana Seva. “Creativity is not just waiting for the right time, but for the convenient time.” The organization is now 56 years into the nation service, which has been developed under the able guidance of visionaries like Late Shri Yadavarao Joshi. Shri Mohan Bhagawat’s great message is in the pulses of our organization “Rashtrotthana is a Kalpavruksha. Anyone can enjoy the fruits of knowledge from here, however, those who enjoy the fruit from earning this knowledge, should dedicate their lives to the societal cause.” Our institutional uniqueness is the spread of many societal upliftment activities undertaken over a long period in time. “TAPAS and SAADHANA” is a significant step in the Education sector that runs with the motive of “Arive Guru – Awareness is the Teacher”.

Poverty should not hinder achievement. “TAPAS and SAADHANA” program is initiated by Rashtrotthana Parishat, with the aim of ensuring that no talents are suppressed by economic weakness and that motive of ours is a source of hope for the state’s poorest students. Lack of proper guidance and economic weakness should not lead to stopping of the emergence of talent in the country, while the world is watching the intelligence and contributions of Indians. Therefore, Rashtrotthana Parishat, has developed unique programs called ‘TAPAS’ for poor brilliant boys and ‘SAADHANA’ for poor brilliant girls, in order to alleviate such problems and enable the needy as well as intelligent child living in the villages, to be educated in the prestigious educational institutions of the country, so to build their prosperous career ahead.

Launched in 2012, the ‘TAPAS’ Scheme provides education for PUCs and training for IIT-JEE competitive exams, for the boys who are economically underprivileged children of the state, including free meals and housing. Students enrolled in the scheme will be given a free 2-year course, including college fees, study materials and training at Banashankari Rashtriya Vidya Kendra Vidyalaya, Bangalore. We’ve collaborated with the prestigious BASE company that prepares high quality educational content on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as effectively delivers them to the students.

We request the students to enroll for the ‘TAPAS’ entrance tests, by sending ‘TAPAS’ Brochures & details to all the High Schools across the state every year. We also talk to the state Government Schools and inspire the students to participate in the entrance tests. Those 9th Standard boys, who’ve scored more than 80% and their annual income is not more than Rs 2,00,000/- are eligible to take the tests and write the entrance tests that takes place in 40 centers at the same time across the state. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion, we select 150 students, based solely on their marks secured, the Volunteers of Rashtrotthana will then visit their houses to assess and observe their financial as well as actual situation. We invite students after they’ve completed their 10th standard for a 10-days student workshop with stay to evaluate the students’ learning capabilities, their interest, commitment, behavior, time management etc., and then choose 40 students amongst 150 students that we had selected earlier and invited for the workshop.

More than 300 poor talented students from 7 teams, have completed their two years of education with us at ‘TAPAS’. So far, 23 students have gained admission to various IITs across the country, more than 50 students have taken up admission at the NITs, rest of the brilliant boys have joined the prestigious engineering colleges in Bengaluru like RVCE, BMS and PES. The first batch of ‘TAPAS’ students have now stepped into growing careers at companies, including MNCs. This ambitious project of the Rashtrotthana as the dream of ‘social well-being with education’ has transformed not only the lives of the students but also the image of their entire family.

Rashtrotthana Parsihat has understood the difficulty of the state’s poor girls and commenced the program called “SAADHANA” with a mission to put such children, in the path of achievement. We’ve seen that a lot of poor parents have married their girl children (even though they are gifted with intellect), at a very young age due to family’s financial instability. Such girls should lead self-sufficient lives. Thus, Rashtrotthana Parishat has commenced “SAADHANA’ with the motive of helping such girl children and with a noble thought that their capabilities shouldn’t be suppressed because of poverty. This program, which is similar to ‘TAPAS’ for boys, provides education & training for the selected poor talented girls on NEET and CET exams at the Rashtrotthana PU College, Thanisandra, Bangalore, also offering two years of PUC education, free of charge. In addition to this, if such girls aspire to become teachers, they will be given 6 years total education on PUC, BSc and integrated BEd courses. So far, three teams of ‘SAADHANA’ have emerged and 12 students are pursuing a medical degree. During 2020-21, 10 students have been selected for medical education and 3 for the University of Agriculture. The remaining students have gained seats to technical education, pharmacy and bio-information science.

The most important mission of Rashtrotthana Parishat is social transformation through culture and nationalistic education. In this direction, Rashtrotthana Parishat’s role to build a Sustainable Society, as a bridge between Society and Sewa is highly commendable. Dreaming to become Doctor or an engineer is not like a ‘Fragrance in the Sky’ anymore. ‘TAPAS and SAADHANA’ programs by Rashtrotthana Parishat have shown that high ambition, determination and talent can make their dream come true.