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Transformation of Slums

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Jaagarana was started in 1989 with the aim of elevating the standard of living of the people living in Seva Bastis (slums). Jaagarana activities are currently going on in 210 slums of Bangalore. The activities include activities of education, health, self-reliance and culture with the view of transforming and bringing the seva-bastis in to mainstream.

More than 685 Seva activities like vocational training centres, Shishu Mandiras, Bala Gokula, Non Formal Education After School Learning Centres, Mini Bal Bhavan, Samskara Kendras in Government Schools, Computer Training Centres, Tailoring Training Centres, Health Clinics, Self Help Groups, Library in  a Bag, Library etc are currently going on.

  • Students educated in Seva Bastis are selected as teachers and given training and appointed as teachers, Supervisors and Coordinators.
  • Due to the activities of self-reliance, the women of the Seva Bastis have become economically independent and many have set up small businesses of their own.
  • Women of Seva Bastis are identified, trained and appointed as Arogya Rakshakis to spread the awareness about health and to identify women with common gynaecological problems and get them treated at established and well known hospitals.
  • Continuous health check-up and eye check-up camps in seva bastis and giving free treatments and spectacles.
  • The awareness about Bharatiya values, customs, culture, traditions, dharmic Hindutva thoughts are gaining prominence and social harmony is increasing in the seva-bastis.
  • There has been a reduction in Beef eating and unlawful activities in the slums.
  • The seva-bastis are gaining strength in education, economically and in culture.