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Welcome to Rashtrotthana Parishat

Rashtrotthana Parishat is an NGO that has been working towards creating a healthy and sustainable society since 1965 by bringing about transformation of the society through Individual. The overarching spirit of Bharatiyata is the value that defines Rashtrotthana Parishat’s journey. The service activities include universal education, universal health, upliftment of residents of slums and awareness of all through far reaching publications and others.

Vision: To create Sustainable Healthy Society (Svastha Susthira Samajanirmanam)

Create and promote literature that enshrines Bharatiya life-values in the hearts of the people.
Social transformation through value based nationalistic education that achieves overall development of students.
To fulfill the needs of society through various service activities like Yoga, health and such others.
To create models of excellence in all activities and to encourage their widespread adaptation.

Values: Affection (Aatmeeyata); Commitment; Patriotism; Integrity