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Makara Sankranti celebration @ JGRV – Kalyan Nagar

Bengaluru: Makara Sankranti marks the transit of sun into Makara Rashi, heralding the beginning of Uttarayana Punya Kaala. People take holy bath in the rivers and pray to Surya Devata on this auspicious day.
Sankranti is also a harvest festival. Pooja is performed to the crops grown. Different delicacies are prepared on the day. Pongal and Yellu Bella is special in this festival.
On Jan 13, Makara Sankranti was celebrated at JGRV, Kalyan Nagar with great fervor and joy.
Pooja was performed to the Sun God, Pongal Pots and Nava Dhaanyas by our Pradhanacharya Smt. Gayatri Kulkarni. Devaki mathaji along with students sang beautiful devotional songs on Sankranti during the pooja event.
Kum. Harini of class VIII explained the mythological and scientific importance of celebrating Sankramana and the health benefits of eating yellu bella.
Later, Kum. Devaki mathaji sang a beautiful song on the significance of Makara Sankranti and mesmerized everyone.
Pradhanacharya Smt. Gayatri Kulkarni Mathaji distributed Yellu Bella to the X Std students and teachers.