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Parents’ and Teachers’ Orientation Programme at JGRV School, Kalyan Nagar

Parents’ Orientation:
Bengaluru: Parent orientation program was conducted for parents and students of 9th and 10th standard by JGRV, Kalyan Nagar on 14th May 2022. This was an interactive session for both students and parents.
High school coordinator, Smt. Vijayaratna Mataji explained the rules and regulations to be followed by the students. Secretary, Smt. Asha Mataji addressed the gathering and explained that reducing mobile and TV time is an essential prerequisite for effective learning. She encouraged students to follow the 3D formula i.e., Discipline, Determination and Dedication.

Sri. Ravi Kiran ji was selected for the first batch of TAPAS in the year 2012. He spoke to the gathering about his experiences during the TAPAS programme and how this initiative is immensely helping the children from poor economic background.

Teachers’ Orientation:
Bengaluru: JGRV, Kalyan Nagar organized a Teachers’ orientation programme from 6th May – 13th May, 2022. The topic of the session was NEP 2020. Smt. Gayatri Mataji gave a brief introduction to the New Education Policy.
On 7th May, the first session was on the topic ‘What makes a great teacher?’. The session was facilitated by Sri. Colonel Kumar ji. The second session was on the topic ‘New learnings’. Secretary of JGRV Smt. Asha Ashok Mataji conducted group games and activities building on the theme of team bonding and development.
On 11th May, Academic Head, Smt. Ashwini Mataji took a session on ‘Learning Disabilities in children’. On 12th May, a Yoga session was organized for teachers. The then Pradhanacharya, Smt. Gayatri Mataji illustrated the step-by-step process for organizing the entire academic year’s syllabus.
On 13th May, the morning session was on ‘Gitanjali’ a composition of poems by Sri. Rabindranath Tagore. Smt. Deepa Joshi Mataji (HOD of English Department) gave a presentation on ‘Gitanjali’.
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