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Payment FAQ

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a system which connects Rashtrottthana Website to all the various payment modes through which donors can contribute to the cause of Rashtrotthana.  

What kind of payment modes accepted on the HDFC payment gateway for Rashtrotthana?

Currently, HDFC payment gateway supports payments made via –

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Internet Banking

What types of cards can I use to make payments?

You can use all credit/debit cards issued by Visa/Mastercard/Rupay

What is Internet Banking & how does it work?

Internet Banking is a mode of payment where in the amount is debited directly from the donors bank account. 

The donor is taken to the selected bank’s payment login screen of the internet banking portal. 

Donor will then have to login to the bank’s internet banking portal and select the account from which the payment is to be made. 

Once the donor has successfully authenticated himself/herself with the bank and follow the bank procedure to transfer money online, the donors account will be debited, Rashtrotthana  account will be credited and the transaction will be completed successfully .

What is 2FA, 3DS, VBV, Mastercard secure code?

2FA stands for 2nd factor of authentication which is a mandatory requirement for all online transactions.

3D Secure (3-domain secure) is a security protocol to prevent fraud in transactions with credit cards online.

VBV stands for Verified by Visa which is the authentication mechanism implemented by Visa and followed by all banks issuing Visa Credit Cards.

Mastercard Secure Code is the authentication mechanism implemented by Mastercard and followed by all banks issuing Mastercard Credit Cards

Will I have to do a 2FA for every transaction on the payment gateway?


What kind of 2FA will I have to fulfil to complete the transaction?

The 2FA mechanism varies from bank to bank. Most banks follow an OTP based 2FA mechanism but other mechanisms include a secure PIN, debit card PIN, Secret pass phrases, numerical grid on debit card, etc. The Payment Gateway does not come in between the user and the user’s bank for 2FA.

I am having issues with completing 2FA (for e.g., OTP not getting delivered, 2FA failing repeatedly, etc.) What should I do?

Contact your bank whose account or card you are using.

Is it safe to give my card details to the payment gateway?

Yes. Worldline India payment gateway is a PCI DSS certified payment gateway which is authorized to collect card information from card holders. It has undergone several mandatory security compliance processes as per RBI rules and regulations and is a totally safe and secure payment gateway that is being used by all banks and merchants.

How do I know if my account/card is debited?

You will receive a message from your bank confirming the amount deduction. Also, for a successful transaction, you should be redirected back to the Rashtrotthana  website. 

What if the amount is deducted but I do not receive the receipt or am not brought back to the Rashtrotthana  website?

There can be two scenarios.

The amount is deducted but Rashtrotthana  has not recevied – In this case the payment gateway has to resolve the issue.

The amount is deducted, Rashtrotthana has received the amount – In this case Rashtrotthana  will generate the receipt and send it to the donor.

Please send E-mail to giving the details including any screenshots, messages received etc.. Rashtrotthana will follow it and resolve the issue.