Education, health, self dependency and culture for the development of complete slums including the quality of life of people in the slums – about 500 types of activities are being conducted in four dimensions.

Rashtrotthan Parishat, which has embraced the service mentality as its life’s mission, has been conducting various service activities that aim to bring the backward residential areas to the mainstream society. Special efforts were made for the all round development of numerous villages in the state through Gramotthana plan. And the Parishat got another opportunity in 1989 which had been planning various service plans from time to time.

Nonformal educational centers were started for children from the slums of Bengaluru who had dropped from the schools for financial and social reasons, as per the scheme started by human resource development department of the central government. After conducting Non-Formal educational centers from 1989 to 2007 and having found success in bringing the children to the mainstream schools, the current awareness campaign has been conducting various activities for the all round development of the slums.

  • Activities related to education, health, self dependency and culture are currently being conducted in 210 slums of Bengaluru.
  • Free tuition centres are being conducted for the children of slums. With this, children have been getting quality education. Also, these tuition centers are being conducted by educated women of the slums. Rashtrotthana compensate by providing meager salary. As a result the economical condition of the women in slums has improved. The women are now capable of leading a self dependent life.
  • These teachers are not only teachers and they have been transformed into social workers, and guardians of religion. They have always been in the forefront when it comes to offering solutions to problems in the slums and conducting activities related to religion-culture
  • Various professional training centers (tailoring training centers, computer training centers, self help organizations) are being held to provide professional training to the youths in slums and help them build a self-dependent life.
    • Many youths who have received training here have been the backbone of their families.
    • They have started their own shops
    • They have been a model to other youths in the slums
  • Women ‘Health Guardians’(Arogya Rakshaki) have been identified to help the women of slums to freely share their health issues. They help the women in slums. They take them to the nearby hospitals and provide them suitable treatment. Continuous health and eye checkup camps are being conducted with their help.
  • Various centres have been provided with expensive treatments free of cost in many prestigious hospitals.
  • Efforts are being made to improve the reading habits of children and adults in the slums with the help of Jolige Pustakalaya in the slums
  • Mutual contacts have been established in many houses of the slums and they being transformed into a united, educated, healthy and self dependent society.
  • Awareness has been created about Indian values and thoughts in the slums.
  • Since the children who come to the tuition receive good manners, the atmosphere in their homes is changing. Many houses have got rid of drinking problems. Scuffles have been non-existent.
  • Various important people of the slums have been identified themselves with these activities.
  • Hundreds of children, thousands of women and youths have formed a self dependent life with these activities. We can see that the slums have been making all around progress in various aspects of life such as social, economical, educational, religious fronts.



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