NANDAGOKULA is the dream project of Rashtrotthana Parishat which started during June 2007 with the adoption of 18 children during the first year. The children were selected on merit basis from the socially and economically deprived families. Rashtrotthana team of project management visited the houses of these children wherever possible, convinced the parents or guardians, apprised them of our scheme of adopting socially and economically deprived children to bring them to the main stream through good education and all other support.  During the first year itself, the team was successful in adopting as many as 18 children. Since then, the number is increasing year by year showing the confidence of the community reposed on the activities of the Parishat.

Since the past ten years we have been identifying children from socially and economically deprived sections and orphans and providing them food and education facilities. Also, we are arranging teaching facilities by admitting these children in nearby schools and providing private tuitions, periodical health check-ups, medicines, books and uniforms every year.

Project Nandagokula is aimed at providing nutritious diet to every child, indoor and outdoor recreation and play facilities in addition to providing good and qualitative education.

The project aims at maintaining a retention level of 50 children every year by adopting as many numbers of children as moved out of hostel. Children in the age group of 10 and 11 are selected across the State and maintained in the hostel upto metric level. Further support will be provided in seeking employment or continuation of their studies.

This project has the potential and impact sufficient enough to strengthen the social and economic needs of the economically challenged poorest of the poor children and the orphans. Their basic needs are met and they will get new life through knowledge, vocational skills and life skills. In NANDAGOKULA, they get love and affection as if their parents provide. Their confidence level will increase and they become good assets to the society. Their overall development is taken care of to make them productive citizens. They will inspire by philanthropy and show humanity towards the community.


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