Shelter for Orphan, Destitute, Homeless and Under-Privileged Children

NANDA GOKULA as the name suggests, is a paradise for little children which was started in March 2007. Currently 32 children are being provided shelter and loving care in two facilities. Nanda Gokula has the certification from the State Women and Child Welfare Ministry


Rashtrotthana Parishat has provided two buildings for this activity. The first facility is in Nagarbhavi that now houses 14 primary school children. The children attend nearby private schools. A second facility in Kamakshipalya called “Rashtrotthana Shishu Mandira” houses 18 high school children. The children attend nearby government school.

Sl.No Location Age School Attend Nos Name of Centre
1 Nagarbhavi 8 – 13 yrs Primary School Boys Private Schools 14 Nanda Gokula
2 Kamakshipalya 11 – 15 yrs High School Boys Government Schools 18 Rashtrotthana Makkala Mandira


The children, mainly orphan and destitute children, attend nearby schools and are provided good and qualitative education along with a nutritious diet, clothing and accommodation, indoor and outdoor recreation and play facilities. They are provided with periodical health check-ups, medicines, books and uniforms every year. The have been brought to the main stream through care, love, affection and support.

The children stay in the hostel up to the completion of their 10th Std. Further support is provided in pursuing higher studies and seeking employment along with vocational skills, personality development and life skills education.

The children who grew up in indifferent and un-caring surroundings are now in a loving and nurturing atmosphere in Nanda Gokula thanks to the support and care given to them by volunteers. Their confidence level increases and they become good assets to the society. Their overall development is taken care of to make them productive citizens. They are inspired by philanthropy and show humanity towards the community.


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