Preservation and growth and development of Indian indigenous breed of cows

Cow has been given a sacred place in India since the ancient times. Cow is not only an animal that gives us milk. It has been given an important place in every stage of the development of human life and the Indians believe that a cow is the abode of the gods. But cow is being branded as a milk vending machine thanks to the foreign mentality. The greatness of the cow is disappearing because of this mentality. Cows are being considered only as a source of milk and the Indian breed cows are being neglected. Because of this, Rashtrotthan Parishat is managing a GoShala for the preservation and growth and development of (indigenous) Indian cow breed in “Shri Madhava Srushti’ near Shri Ghati Subramanya nestled near Doddaballapur

  • Goshala is near Ghati Subramanya situated near Doddaballapur. In this vast 110 acres of land, special integration activities that bring together the land, forest and the cows are being held.
  • 10 breeds are being preserved in this environment which is ideal for cow breeding and the breeds that are being preserved include Gir from Gujarat, Sahival from Haryana, Kankrij from Rajasthan, CarParker from Rajasthan-Haryana, Devani from Maharashtra, Hallikar from the interiors of the south, Gidda, Hongol, Javari and Amritamahal from Malanad
  • More than 500 cattle, including bullocks, bulls, cows and calf have been give protection.
  • Special efforts are being made for the development of the breeds
  • Compost, manures and Agnihotri are being prepared using cow dung.
  • A plan of action has been designed to achieve balance between cattle rearing, dairy, organic farming, natural treatment
  • Priority is being given to the use of solar power and biogas installations in GoShala. Solar electricity has been connected to all borewells. The lighting system in Goshala fully runs on solar power.
  • Vermicompost is being prepared with earth worms. This vermicompost is being distributed to the farmers around.
  • A program has been started in Goshala to prepare Gomutra Araka, Dhoopa, Jeevamruta, Ghana Jeevamruta, pesticide, Bharani, dantamanjana, Gochurna, Gomaya bhasma and sell the same to the farmers at low rates.
  • Distribution of free bullocks/bulls: A plan has been implemented to distribute free bullocks/bulls to the farmers in the neighboring villages to help them. About 35 pairs of bullocks/bulls have been distributed to farmers (to people in rural areas in Mandya, Doddaballapura, Gauribidanuru, Pandavapura, Melukote, Hiriyuru, Madduru)
  • Priority to breed development: Rashtrotthana Goshala has decided to offer support programs for Goshalas working on the preservation of indigenous cows. As the initial step in this, indigenous bullocks are being distributed to various Goshalas for the development of breed.
  • People have been visiting for the study and training on cow development from various parts of the state.

Special activities

Special plans to develop “Brindavan” – developing forest

There is an emotional attachment between the land, forest and indigenous cows. Based on this fact, Rashtrotthan Parishat has undertaken a plan to grow forests in the 20 acre land in Goshala. This plan is named “Brindavan”.

  • A forest is being developed in the 20 acre land near well known Makali Gudda in 4 concepts
  • Guidance by well known environmental expert Dr. Yellappa Reddy
  • Flora and fauna which are complementary to the traditional local animals and birds with medicinal and Ayurvedic properties
  • Irrigation system using complete solar power
  • Water preservation plan without wasting a single drop of water
  • A ‘Mahavana’ is being established in the initial stages and in the future, forests will be formed here under 4 unique concepts, namely Tapovana, Shrivana and Vasudaiva Kutumbakam

2000 plants have been planted in a 5 acre land in the initial stage


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