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COVID Isolation Center

The current pandemic has put a lot of stress on the healthcare support. There are lot of cases where people are Covid positive but do not have the support system to take care of them. They may be single, moved temporarily to Bangalore, have families who may be vulnerable to the virus and not much space is available at home for isolation etc.

Rashtrotthana has started two Covid Isolation Centers. They are designed keeping in mind where people need isolation with support (food, shelter, isolation, monitoring, provide medicines etc. ) but are not in need for hospital support.

Each Center will have doctors and nurses to monitor and provide support without the structure of hospital.


JGR Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra
Ramamurthy Nagar
Contact : 9036635000/9036905000

Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra
Banashankari 6th Stage
Contact : 7760060259/7760010259

Eligiblity for Admission at Isolation Center:

  • All Asymptomatic Covid Positive with BU No.
  • WITHOUT Co-morbid Conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Severe Obesity, Thyroid disease, Stoke, Tuberculosis, HIV, Immune Compromised on steroids & immune- Suppressants
  • NO Pregnant Woman & Lactating Mother
  • NO Other serious medical/psychological condition.
  • Patients should have Covid Positive Report, BU No. generated and Oxygen level above 94.
  • Patients should get their dresses pair (min 4) which can be easily disposed.
  • Patients if found critical and beyond the prescribed levels of Oxygen and any co-morbidity are admitted upon discretion of the available doctors at the Center.
  • Attenders are not allowed inside the premises.