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Integrated Development In Slums (Seva Vasati)

Activities of education, health care and self-reliance in Slums for Social Transformation

Seva Vasati started in 1989 with the goal of improving living standards of slum dwellers. It aims at social transformation through individual transformation. Focusing on the key areas of education, health, self-reliance, and life skills, the project also facilitates self-reliance and propagates culture with developmental activities in over 200 slums. 


18% of Bangalore’s population live in slums.
Over 800 recognized slums in Bangalore.
Few are well established slums and few are in the making.
Every construction activity brings migrant labor and eventually leads to the creation of a slum.

Challenges faced in the slums:

  • Lack of water supply and drainage system.
  • Health issues due to poor hygiene.
  • Parents are mostly illiterate.
  • Low income and zero awareness.
  • Children lack support at home for education.
  • Alcoholism among men.
  • Breeding ground for anti-social and anti-national activities.
  • Drug abuse among adolescents and young adults.

After School Learning Centers: Developing Culture of Education in Slums

To provide after-school support for students up to 10th std and beyond till completion of studies.
To impart Samskars/value education and impart knowledge about culture and heritage.

List of Activities

Focus Area Activity Centre Beneficiaries
Education After School Learning Centre 332 4980
10th Sure Pass 13 306
Health  BP & Sugar Check-up Camps 14 707
Eye Check-up Camps 12 800
Women Health Check-up Camps 14 1200
Clinic on Wheels    
Self Reliance  Beautician Course 4 155
Tailoring Course 12 174
Computer Basic Course 5 89
DTP & Graphics    
Self Help Groups 119 1502
    525 9913




List of Slums in Bangalore:


Bangalore South

Bangalore North

Ambedkar Nagar

Doddamma E Block

Manjunatha Colony


Venkataram Nagar


Janata Colony


Netaji Nagar

Gajendra Nagar

V. V. Giri colony

Thangamalai Nagar

Hombegowda Slum

Gowtham Nagar

Venkateshwara Nagar

Papanna Block

Ambedkar Nagar

Ambedkar Nagar

Dayananda Slum


Tube Huts


Adijambava Slum




Health check up camps: Developing good health in slums


Within Bengaluru, there are over 500 slums housing over 20% of the population of the state. Health Check Up Camps have been set up in and around slums in Bangalore in order to help people keep track of their health. Some of the services the health camps provide include: 

  • Blood Pressure and Sugar Check-Up
  • Eye Check-Up 
  • Women Health Check-Up

Vocational Training: Developing livelihood skills for self Sustenance in Slums


To enhance employability, livelihood, self-reliance, encourage entrepreneurship and self-confidence in people living in the slums, Rashtrotthana has come up with various vocational training programs due to: 

  • Need for Skill Training for women: Women in slums must be helped to realise their worth, their dignity and their ability to become financially independent and self-confident. All vocational training programs are conducted close to the women’s homes, in order to aid skill development without causing any issues due to family commitments, social pressures and poverty. Rashtrotthana has been running Tailoring, Beautician, Computer Basics, Tally, DTP & Graphics and Driving courses for several years in slums, which have benefitted hundreds of needy women.
  • Opportunities that Skill Training will provide: Skill Training, combined with communicational and professional skills will motivate women to venture out from their comfort zone to seek various opportunities. Those who already work in low paying menial jobs will be advance up the value chain, getting higher paying jobs in tailoring shops, beauty parlors, and offices. Some women can set up their own micro enterprises like small tailoring units at home, beauty parlors, tiffin services, catering services, roadside eateries etc. The vision of this project is for women to see themselves as financially independent and confident. We believe that the project is meaningful yet effective. The long-term goal of the project is to have a vocational training center to train more participants in various skills to enable a brighter future.
Computer Training Center
Free health Checkup
Self defence training