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Activities In Slums (Seva Basti)

Activities of education, health care and self-reliance in Slums for Social Transformation

Jaagarana was started in 1989 and is aimed at improving the living standards of slum dwellers. It aims at social transformation through individual transformation. Along with education, healthcare, vocational training, child care, adolescent girls education, women empowerment the project also facilitates self-reliance and propagates culture.


18% of Bangalore’s population live in slums.
Over 800 recognized slums in Bangalore.
Few are well established slums and few are in the making.
Every construction activity brings migrant labor and eventually leads to the creation of a slum.


  • Lack of water supply and drainage system.
  • Health issues due to poor hygiene.
  • Parents are mostly illiterate.
  • Low income and zero awareness.
  • Children lack support at home for education.
  • Alcoholism among men.
  • Breeding ground for anti-social and anti-national activities.
  • Drug abuse among adolescents and young adults.

Our footprint

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After School Learning Centers: Developing Culture of Education in Slums

To provide after-school support for students up to 10th std and beyond till completion of studies.
To impart Samskars/value education and impart knowledge about culture and heritage.

Activity Numbers Beneficiaries
Primary School Learning Center 225 4983
High School Learning Center 25 614
Govt School Activity Center 8 600
Pre Primary School (Shishu Mandira) 3 125
Day Care Center (Balagokula) 3 200
Value Education Center (Samskara Kendra) 200 4600
Library In A Bag (Jolige Pustakalaya) 200 3912
Library For College Students 1 60
Summer Camps 225 1900

Health initiatives:Developing good health in slums

General Health check-up camps, Eye check-up camps, Women health check-up camps, Adolescent girls awareness programs etc.

Type of Camp Nos Beneficiaries Treatment or Medicines
Health check-up camps 4 898 39
Eye check-up camps 98 15,919 Medicines – 4534
Cataract operations – 1011
Spectacles – 8583
Women health check-up camps 1 80 26
Adolescent girls awareness camps 32 1110

Vocational Training:Developing livelihood skills for self Sustenance in Slums.

To enhance employability, livelihood, self-reliance, encourage entrepreneurship and help youth to start businesses.

Type of Center Nos Beneficiaries Placed
Computer Training Center 6 2470 872
Tailoring Training Centers 2 1450 Placed – 614
Self Employed – 180
Self Help Groups 48 3 3 set up
own business
Computer Training
Free health Checkup
Self defence training