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Tree Plantation Drive

For more details about Environment Conservation Drive click here

Rapid urbanisation has led to increased carbon emissions and consequently it has affected our health. Developing sustainable practises is crucial for addressing the challenges of air pollution, soil erosion and depleting water resources.

Doddaballapur Taluk, 60 Kms from Bengaluru, is one of the dry-arid areas in the immediate outskirts of Bangalore, which suffers severe water shortage due to low average annual rainfall being 950 mm as well as increased land degradation due to soil erosion.

Rashtrotthana Parishat initiated the flagship project Vrindavana in 2017, at Madhav Srushti, Ghati, Doddaballapur taluk, which aims at afforestation by planting 10,000 trees in 25 acres. The afforestation intervention aims to increase green cover, mitigate the soil erosion, change the biodiversity as well help in increase of water table in long run. The project also brings in livelihood opportunities for the communities involved in the initiative. 

Pilot Project

4000 saplings were planted from 2017-21. The project has brought change in terms of increase in biodiversity that we can witness in the flourishing new flora and fauna. Some of the fauna includes birds like cranes, peacocks, lovebirds and kingfishers and many small animals like monkeys, monitor lizards, mongoose, snakes and squirrels.

Currently, 4000 saplings were planted from 9th to 15th August 2021 and 2500 have been planted since then. Additionally there are 4000 more naturally grown trees in the area. Thus the area is a beautiful and dense forest of 14500 trees.

Upcoming Event: 300 trees will be planted on 16th January 2022 as a part of Sankranti celebrations!

For more details about Environment Conservation Drive click here