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Vedic Mathematics Session (VMAT) @ JGRV School

Bengaluru, Mar 16: Vedic Mathematics is a collection of Techniques/ Sutras to solve arithmetical problems in an easy and faster way. Veda is a Sanskrit word which means ‘knowledge’. Using regular mathematical steps, solving problems sometimes are complex and time consuming. But using Vedic Mathematics General Techniques and specific Techniques, numerical calculations can be done very fast.
To inspire and to spread the knowledge of Vedic Maths, a session was organized by JGRV, Kalyan Nagar was conducted.
Sri Sajji Ragav ji, who is the founder of VMAT organization, is also an educator, working on innovative methods of teaching mathematics. He works with schools, and training institutes, and individuals who look for a more powerful and result-oriented method of teaching mathematics.
Sri Sajji Ragav and his team conducted an interactive session and taught innovative methods of mental calculation using Vedic Mathematics to our students of classes IV to IX. This session was liked and enjoyed by all the students as well as the teachers.

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