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Education is a powerful weapon to drive the growth of the individual, society and nation. Although the majority of women in India get a fair chance at education, quality higher education is still a mirage for millions of girls, mainly due to poverty, social conventions, customs and stigma. Education can also strongly overcome the prevalent social issues like early marriage of girl child and economic insecurity.  In order to empower girls from economically weaker sections, the brightest girls among the underprivileged sections of the society must be identified and their talent must be nurtured through effective education.

This is the foundation on which Saadhana has been created. Saadhana is a 2-years-residential coaching for selected meritorious unprivileged girls from remote corners of Karnataka that nurtures and enables them to secure merit seats in Govt Medical Colleges or other Professional Courses.

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Rashtrotthana has expanded its focus on creating a teaching ecosystem within the educational system of India that motivates talented young girls to take up teaching as their profession of choice and mentoring them to become committed teachers. Many girls from underprivileged backgrounds are unable to pursue higher education due to their financial backgrounds, family conditions and societal pressures. During the selection process of Saadhana-NEET and house visits, it was found that many girls need to be supported for higher education lest their education is cut short.

Saadhana-Teacher Education, initiated with this purpose, in June 2022, is a free residential education project for selected meritorious unprivileged girls, who have the desire to become teachers, for two years, that nurtures and gives them 11th and 12th Std education and enables them to join Integrated BSc-BEd course and become professionally qualified teachers. This would also ensure that they receive and complete higher education which would otherwise have been cut short due to early marriage or other social issues. Also, a valuable talent pool of teachers is built for future generations.

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