Rashtrotthana Sahitya was started in 1965 to create, promote and publish literature that enshrines into the hearts and minds of people the Bharatiya life-values and to remind the true history of India, its culture, traditions and lifestyle so that they take deep roots in each and every person’s minds.

History, culture, traditions, literature, health, biographies, economy, environment, science, mathematics. Personality development etc are some of the many topics of the publications. A sister publication unit called Sahitya Sindhu Prakashana was started for the publication of books certain specific themes or subjects.

Number of Books Published
Rashtrotthana Sahitya
Sahitya Sindhu Prakashana
Bharatha Bharathi (Kannada)
Bharata Bharati (English)
Awards and Recognitions
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Ankita Puraskara

for Rashtrotthana Sahitya by Kannada Sahitya Parishat

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Institution Award

for Utkarsha Patha by Gandhi Sahitya Sangha

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Academy Award

for Torberalu, Ajeya, Adamya, Shatamanada Tiruvinalli Bharata, Gandheeya Arthashastra by Karnataka Sahitya Academy

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Best Translation

for Samajika Kranti Surya Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar by Kuvembu Bhasha Bharati Pradhikara

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Best Publisher Award

for the year 2021 by Kannada Pustaka Pradhikara

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