Outreach Programs

Rashtrotthana Parishat believes in the transformation of the society through the transformation of the individual. We conduct several outreach projects through Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendras which are a powerful tool as their impact on the society is immense. We have adopted a participatory and inclusive approach that involves students, teachers, parents, alumni and community members in the design, delivery, and assessment of the program.

Our CBSE Schools have undertaken Seva Activities like

Conducting Yoga Classes in Govt Schools


Conducting Music Classes in Govt Schools


Conducting Dance Classes in Govt Schools


Conducting Art Classes in Govt Schools


Adoption of Govt Schools


Adoption of Villages

The impacts of our school outreach program on the society are
  • Improvement in student outcomes of govt school children through improved health and concentration by practice of Yoga
  • It has influenced behavioral change by educating students on health, and encouraging them to adopt positive habits and actions
  • It has fostered community development by creating networks of collaboration, trust and support among schools and other stakeholders

They help in empowering the youth with knowledge, skills and values that can enable them to contribute positively to the nation’s development. They also help in creating a sense of social responsibility and compassion among the students who participate in these projects. They inspire them to serve the society with dedication and enthusiasm.

A school outreach program is a way of connecting schools with other organizations or entities that can provide resources, support, and opportunities for students and teachers. A school outreach program can have various goals and benefits, depending on the nature and focus of the partnership.

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