Tapas, Educational program that identifies meritorious boys hidden under poverty and trains them to join country’s top technical institutes like IITs and NITs

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Serving Gou-Maata is Divine
An unique opportunity has arrived to do Gou-Seva at Rshtrotthana Goushala

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Holistic Development of Slums

Integrated Development of Slums aims to uplift the residents of slums and improve their living conditions through after-school learning centres, women empowerment etc.,

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Samraksha provides completely free treatment for children who are suffering from a congenital disorder called Thalassemia where quality blood is not produced in the body.

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10th Sure Pass

It has been managing the socially transformative service activities in the fields of education and development activities in slums.

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Saadhana, Educational program that identifies meritorious girls hidden under the poverty and trains them to join MBBS in Govt Medical Colleges.

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All Service Project Brochure

Schools that offer affordable education to rural & urban underprivileged children that require support & more resources

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