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Journey So Far

  • Rashtrotthana Hospital 2022
    Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital and Research Centre, a 162 bed Integrated Multispecialty Hospital providing high quality and affordable health care to all sections of society.
  • Prashikshana Bharati 2022
    Prashikshana Bharati, Teachers Training Programs that creates a large pool of well-groomed teachers, rooted in Indian culture, heritage and knowledge.
  • Swasthya Bharati 2021
    Swasthya Bharati, an initiative to bring awareness about healthy lifestyle practices among people.
  • Vrindavana 2017
    Vrindavana, tree plantation and nurturing of 15,500 trees in 35 acres till date for carbon offset and greening of arid and dry region.
  • Saadhana 2017
    Saadhana, Educational program that identifies meritorious girls hidden under poverty and trains them to join MBBS in Govt Medical Colleges.
  • Samraksha 2013
    Samraksha provides completely free treatment for children who are suffering from a congenital disorder called Thalassemia where quality blood is not produced in the body.
  • Tapas 2012
    Tapas, Educational program that identifies meritorious boys hidden under poverty and trains them to join country’s top technical institutes like IITs and NITs.
  • SDJCM Rashtrotthana Blood Centre 2010
    SDJCM Rashtrotthana Blood Centre, Hubballi provides good quality blood available to patients with no discrimination of caste, creed, religion, and status, ensuring availability 24X7.
  • Madhava Srushti 2007
    Madhava Srushti, centre for the preservation, promotion and development of indigenous cow species, tree plantation, organic farming and total rural development.
  • Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendras 2003
    Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendras, Schools affiliated to CBSE Board, are well known and popular for the education based on the principles of ‘Panchamukhi Shikshana’
  • Rashtrotthana Blood Centre 1993
    Rashtrotthana Blood Centre Bengaluru provides safe and quality blood for the needy beneficiaries at all times and without any discrimination.
  • Agnivesha Ayurveda Anushthana 1992
    Agnivesha Ayurveda Anushthana is a collaborative unit of all Ayurveda enthusiasts to bring together Doctors of Ayurveda and introduce the various dimensions of Ayurveda, its importance and its benefits to the world.
  • Seva Vasti 1989
    Seva Vasti, Integrated Development of Slums aims to uplift the residents of slums and improve their living conditions through after-school learning centres, women empowerment , health check-up and community development.
  • Rashtrotthana Yoga 1972
    Rashtrotthana Yogic Science and Research Institute provides training to yoga practitioners in pursuing their physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual self-development
  • Rashtrothana Vidyalayas 1972
    Rashtrothana Vidyalayas are State Board Schools providing quality, value-based and transformative education at affordable cost to underprivileged students and help them to reach their full potential.
  • Bharata Bharati 1972
    Bharata Bharati, palm sized books with great values depicting legendary personalities of India.
  • Rashtrotthana Sahitya 1965
    Rashtrotthana Sahitya creates, promotes and publishes literature that enshrines into the hearts and minds of people the Bharatiya life-values, culture, traditions, history and heritage.
  • Utthana 1965
    Monthly Magazine which tries to inculcate the knowledge of Indian culture and heritage to the young and the old alike.
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