Seva Vasati

Since 1989

Seva Vasati, originally known as Jaagarana, started in 1989 with the goal of improving living standards of slum dwellers and strives to bring them to the mainstream. It aims at social transformation through individual transformation by focusing on the key areas of education, health, self-reliance, and life skills. The project also propagates civic awareness & values with developmental activities in over 200 slums in Bengaluru. 


In 1995, Rashtrothtana Parishat launched its humanitarian initiatives in Bengaluru's slums. Beginning in 1995, Non-formal education facilities for out-of-school children were developed as part of the Jaagrana Project.

At NFE facilities, a curriculum was devised to make it easier to teach Kannada and mathematical concepts through activities. Over 5,000 children in over 200 slums were taught reading, writing, and maths in Kannada via non-formal education facilities.

Under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, more over 4000 kids were enrolled in formal schools in 2005. To ensure that these kids wouldn't drop out again and to help them succeed in formal education, After-School-Learning-Centres were set up. 

Current Scope

Rashtrotthana widened the scope of Jaagarana project to provide solutions and for the Integrated Development of Slums. The project was renamed as Seva Vasathi in 2021 with following Focus Areas.

  • Education for children
  • Primary (1st to 9th std)
  • 10th Sure Pass (10th std coaching camps)
  • Vocational training for women and youth like Tailoring, Beautician, Computers, Tally, DTP & Graphics, Driving, Self Help Groups etc
  • Health care for all
Till now
Number of slums (Beneficiaries - 75000+)
After School Learning Centres (Beneficiaries - 6000+)
200 +
BP, Diabetes & Eye check-up camps (Beneficiaries- 1100+)
150 +
Self Help Groups (Members - 2500+)
Tailoring Centres (Beneficiaries - 410+)
Beautician Centres (Beneficiaries - 140+)
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